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November 2000

I have had a number of readers email me with their Sony Vaio notebook experiences, and here are a couple of abstracts from the correspondence. Steve Brann deserves a special mention, since it seems that he is a serial masochist:

"I could not agree more with your rant against Sony. I have two Z600 (one purchased in Germany) and both are completely unreliable."

Richard Greenleaf

"To cut a very long story short, it turns out that there is a design fault in the graphics hardware and/or software which mean that it does not display vectors drawn with certain very basic Windows commands."

"Completely unreliable" is a bit of a sweeping statement, but it is a clear expression of the frustration felt - which is heightened when those of us who been "Vaioed" recall the strange feeling we all probably had when we bought the thing that Sony was "safe pair of hands".

Both readers report no serious attempt by Sony to remedy their problems, and since my original piece tagging Sony, there has been no response from the Japanese electronics behemoth. After all, they could probably only dig themselves in deeper, since there really does appear to be no concept of customer support in the UK organisation behind the Vaio, so the UK PR manual is doubtless correct to advise the staff not to get involved in anything like this..

So here's some advice for notebook customers - don't get involved with Sony products unless you wish to witness (and be the proud owner) of another triumph of form over function.

…writes the owner of a Classic Triumph Stag. 'Nuff said..?