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The mark of the beast
Febuary 2001

Someone drew my attention to the possibility that in the scale of global ranters, I might be an amateur compared to Eli Eshoh, a Ugandan academic living in Japan, and proponent of some fascinating theories about the end of the world. It’s brilliant!

"In the Hebrew alphabet -- Hebrew, by the way, is the language of God - ``W'' (pronounced ``vov'') is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and, in the Hebraic number system, has traditionally stood for the number 6, so WWW = 666"

"Most of Europe is now using a new currency called the ``euro''. This means that the only currencies with which you can trade will be the euro, the yen, the dollar and the British pound.

Let's add up the ASCII code of the symbols for these currencies:

EURO + $ + Y + L = EURO + $ + ¥ + £ =
69 + 85 + 82 + 79 + 36 + 157 + 158 = 666"

Brilliant! Eli keeps on truckin’, and here’s another great piece of deduction:

"When you make purchases on WWW and use your MC (MasterCard) or VISA card, you are invoking Satan and the Beast. Find the unique solutions to these alpha-numeric equations and you should be convinced.


And my favourite piece of ASCII numerology…

al gore = 97 + 108 + 32 + 103 + 111 + 114 + 101 = 666

Why mention this now? Well this is Computer Shopper number 156. And 1+5+6=12. Now 666 divided by 12 is 55.5 – the IQ of the average Computer Shopper contributor.

So that’s it folks, this edition of Computer Shopper is the work of the devil, there is no escaping it. (I’ll think I’ll have two big ones, please Carol…)